Calexico vs. Giant Sand
Reading a recent edition of Harp, and come across a one pager interviewing Howe Gelb. Never really caught up on the beef between Howe and Joey Burns (apparently Covertino stays mum and has managed to keep friendship with both). My sympathies immediately drew up alongside my loyalty to Howe. Made Joey sound like an overdriven... Read More
So long, Buck
California, country music, all of it just doesn't seem the same without you. Nice to see, though, how much attention you've gotten in the press this week, leading up to your funeral (in Bakersfield today). People all over, lots of them, are feeling the loss. Can't blame them. The music had more power than perhaps... Read More
Deliver Me
That's the name of the new album by my buddy Tom Heyman, a supremely talented musician who was formerly the guitarist (and songwriter) with Philly's Go To Blazes and is now busting through the briars on his own pathway as a singer-songwriter. His previous album Boarding House Rules did indeed rule, but Deliver Me takes... Read More
Me ‘n Tompall
I keep coming back to ol' Tompall Glaser, the Nebraska kid with the sweet harmonizing voice who hit the charts with his brothers before turning into a Nashville mogul, thanks to a little sing-song ditty ("Gentle on My Mind") that they happened to publish and stars just couldn't stop singing. Waylon's best pal during the... Read More
Tony Joe White
Saw him in Austin last year, dark and swampy voice, low key and brooding bluesy-soul sound. "Rainy Night in Georgia" kills me every time. Light out, sink back, let it pour. Read More
Almost Anniversary
Now get thisNearly a year has gone by and I still haven't figured out how to post a damn song via Comcast. Lazy bum. Read More
LHI unveiled
My first post with a photo, trying to see how it looks. Lee Hazlewood, announcing the debut of his new label, LHI (Lee Hazlewood Industries). Read More
Dolly Parton
Is playing at the San Francisco Bluegrass Festival next weekend. It's not really a "bluegrass" festival, but there is *some* bluegrass involved--just most of the music is basically country and/or old time folk. Not that I'm complaining. The festival is free, the music's GREAT, and extremely well organized. Read More
Charlie Poole
This guy's story is pretty wild. He was a Southern singer, regional appeal, who wound up with quite the reputation as a boozer and ladies man, but also a top-notch musician and front man. And quite the charmer, or so they say. He cut at least several dozen songs (I don't know how many), and... Read More